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We're flexible about how you can get your Rollershutter branded or advertised on.

All we ask is 50% of the total cost paid in full up front, and the remaining 50% in regular monthly installments over 3 months.

How much would it cost to advertise on a Rollershutter?

Based on a 12m sq total shutter, total cost from artwork supplied with a 12m sq advert is 2339. The cost per week could be as low as 44.99. All prices quoted exclusive of VAT charged at 17.5%.

How will the advert look on my Rollershutter?

We can show you how the artwork will look before it's installed! After we receive the deposit, we will send you a proof of your finished artwork. This will show your roller shutter shown with your advert graphics for approval.

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Our online guide will show you step by step the information we need from you to help you progress your enquiry.

Contact our Sales Manager, Ian Cheetham ( who can discuss artwork options with you.

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