Shutters at Game, Oxford Street, London

Bluecarrot: An urban media company

Bluecarrot specialises in urban media promotion via Rollervision, a product for delivering brand messages and advertising on roller shutters. The Bluecarrot ethos is to work with brands to deliver powerful communication at a street level. Using roller shutters to advertise and promote allows you to communicate your brand message with your audience cost effectively, opening new revenue streams and fresh approach to promotion.

Bluecarrot's flexible approach to advertising allows it to offer a range of opportunities for both landlords and brands. The Bluecarrot product portfolio is constantly developing, delivering new locations and using innovative and patented advertising technology to cities across the UK.

Bluecarrot Media established itself in 2008 and already enjoys a good relationship with a range of brands across the leisure, retail, healthcare & tourist activities industries.

Bluecarrot actively encourages the promotion of urban regeneration and works closely with a number of UK Councils to enhance the urban environment while creating opportunities to excite and engage the urban population. Roller Shutters are a security must, but often an eyesore. Bluecarrot’s urban advertising and promotion technology delivers stunning and beautiful shutter graphics as well as generating revenue streams from otherwise detrimental features.

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