Shutters at Game, Oxford Street, London

Bluecarrots frequently asked questions

1. Do I need planning consent?
If you plan to advertise products or services you provide in store, or brand your existing roller shutters, then with most councils planning consent is not required.
2. How do you install a Rollervision graphic?
A Rollervision graphic is made of graffiti resistant material cut into strips. These are applied individually. Once they are applied, a heat source is run over them that secures bonding to the shutter, making them durable and vandalism proof.
3. Do I have to buy a new shutter?
No, Rollervision strips can be applied to your existing shutter.
4. Do I have to have a specific kind of shutter?
No, we can easily install Rollervision to any kind of shutter, including tube and link roller shutters.
5. Does it damage my roller shutter?
No. When we remove the vinyl there are no lasting marks on all galvanised and powder coated shutters.
6. What happens when I finish with my advert?
You can contact us and we will take it down for you. We can remove Rollervision out of trading hours so that we don't disrupt your business.
7. How does the graffiti protection work?
The advert graphics are printed onto a vinyl sheet, and a resistant scratch coat is applied. This protects the base vinyl from wearing over time and also allows you to wipe off any graffiti with solvent based thinners we can supply for you.
8. What if a strip is damaged or needs to be replaced?
Once we have applied Rollervision to your roller shutter, we keep the details on record. The strips are numbered so we can easily reprint one offs.