Shutters at Game, Oxford Street, London

A perfect way to meet your audience at street level

Introducing Rollervision

Closed shutters are a target for graffiti and vandalism. Bluecarrot offers a viable, cost effective solution to this problem through a product from Roller Vision. Retailers can now achieve what was previously impossible - a secure shop that deters crime yet still looks attractive.

The system consists of a unique patented two part heat-applied vinyl. This vinyl is cut and printed in strips that are attatched to any type of existing shutter, turning it into a valuable advertising space for your shop or a third party.

The printed material is durable and long lasting. It has a UV coating and is guaranteed not to fade in sunlight. The top layer of the Rollervision vinyl is a scratch coat that ensures the base printed graphics are protected when the shutter is retracted.

Due to the unique formula, the material is resistant to most types of graffiti (aerosols, spray paints, markers). These can be moved easily using cellulose based thinners or our own product 'Roller Clean'.

Using Rollervision, you can transform your shopfront roller shutter from a necessary safety feature into a striking promotional tool, generating you revenue as well re-enforcing your brand and indentity.

See for yourself : a close up and the shutter installation.

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